Kashmir's Belly Dance Classes in Christchurch:
Belly Raqs® with Kashmir

Class Philosophy:

Personal expression of the music through dance but grounded in an awareness of the cultural background and safe dance practice.


Full Timetable

Belly Dance Courses Time Starting 1
No experience needed:
Introduction to Belly Dance
8 weeks $90/$110 *
Tuesday 6-7:15pm
(South Brighton, Christchurch)
19 September
Belly Dance for Exercise
Enrol via Risingholme
Thursday 6-7pm
(Opawa, Christchurch)
19 October
Costuming and Fitness:
Introduction to Costuming
$10 if enrolled in another class, else $15
as suits on demand
Warmup and Stretching
$15 if enrolled in another class, else $20
as suits on demand
Belly Delight
Four week mini-term $55
On demand with 4 paid enrolments
Some experience needed:
Building on Intro course
$110/term (11 April-20 June) 3
Tuesday 7:30-8:45pm 11 April
Revision and veil
$60/term (5 Sep-3 Oct) 3
Tuesday 7:30-8:45pm 5 September
Term 2: Technique, combos and Sa`iidi
$110/term (19 April-21 June) 3
Wednesday 7:00-8:15pm ongoing
Term 3: Technique and combos
$60/term (6 Sep-4 Oct) 3
Wednesday 7:00-8:15pm ongoing
Private tuition & Specials various

Bellydance Classes are held in South Brighton and Opawa in Christchurch, New Zealand
Enrolment is recommended prior to start of course

Enrol today (Gift Vouchers available.)
(places can only be held assuming a minimum of deposit of $10
- non-deposit enrolments will mean you are notified of any suitable classes).

* Introduction to Belly Dance Prices (from 28 Feb 16)
 $90 if paid at least two days before the course starts
 $110 fully paid on the first day (with $10 discount if a deposit is paid)
 $170 fully paid on the first day for two people pre-registered together
 $15 casual - if space allows.

Please note, there are no EFTPOS or credit card facilties available.
1 - subject to sufficient enrolments
2 - IntroPlus = Introductory course plus Preparing the Body & Costuming
3 - NextSteps can be paid per term (unused classes are not refunded)
     or 5 classes for $70 over 8 weeks. (see class pricing details)

Drop in classes: 75-minute $18/lesson
Except for Belly Dance Basics and Belly Delight, generally classes are not available on a drop in basis. Exceptions can be made for suitable out of town dancers - please ring or email for times of an available class (not all classes are listed here). Classes in the Introductory course tend to be not suitable for drop in attendance.

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