Introduction to Belly Dance FAQs

What is Introduction to Belly Dance?

This eight-week (10-hour) course introduces the art of belly dance. Whether you are interested for your self-image or fitness, whether you plan to dance for yourself, your friends, or are considering something more exacting, this introductory course is a good beginning.

Over the eight weeks you be lead through exercises to begin to unlock your body so you can enjoy the sensuous movement of "belly dance". Not only will you learn the dance vocabulary but you will also start to explore its history and culture.

This course is open to anyone over 13 - regardless of size, fitness or experience. However please advise of any special health conditions such as back or neck problems, pregnancy, etc.

Why an 8-week course?

There are a number of basics that need to be taught to all students. Experience suggests the shortest time needed to do this is about 10 hours. Included in this will be about one hour of background material.

Experience has also shown that the best way to learn is to have all students start together. Drop in classes are frustrating for both the student who starts later and needs to catch up and the original students who feel their time is being eaten into redoing known material.

What is in the Introductory Course?

What is IntroPlus?

IntroPlus adds two extra classes to the Introductory course - "Preparing the Body" and "Costuming".

"Preparing the Body" looks at how to prepare your body for dance - the correct way to do a warm-up, how to decide what you need to stretch and the correct way to perform these stretches. Aspects of this are taught throughout the Introductory course.

"Costuming" looks at how a beginner's cabaret costume can be made. Examples of what works and what doesn't are shown.

Discount applies if the IntroPlus is paid for as a unit. Each of the extra classes may be taken independently for $10 each.

This course only runs if there is sufficient interest.

Why small classes?

Small classes (4-10) mean plenty of one on one attention and more flexibility in the pace of learning.

They mean I can teach from home and that keeps the cost down.

They mean students can get to know each other – in classes of over 20 some people feel quite isolated.

On the down side if the class numbers fall below four it is really not economic to take the classes. For this reason the course is paid in advance. If there are four students at the start of the course, the course will run for the full eight weeks. (However, if there are insufficient enrolments on the day the course may be cancelled or postponed).

Also, once the class is full it is full. Preference goes to those who have paid in full, next those who have paid a deposit, then those who have emailed/rung. To ensure you are saved a place, fill in the print form and post it with a holding deposit or send the email form to register your interest.

A special class can sometimes be arranged for a group with similiar interests or problems.

What’s in it for me to pay in advance?

Taking money does not waste class time. Further, you can be sure your course will continue even if the other students drop out.

More importantly, it means an incentive to attend every class. It can be very frustrating if too many classes are missed. This is the same as any other adult continuing education courses.

In recognition of this the individual class price is kept very low.

What if I cannot attend all the classes?

Things do go wrong. People get ill or have to go out of town. There are three ways to handle this:

How do I sign up for a course?

If you already have a group of 4-8 people contact Kashmir to find a time that suits you all.
Otherwise register your interest for a class. Once there are enough people interested for a course at a particular day & time you will be contacted. Payment will be required before the start of the first class.

If there are too many students on the day (yes, it has happened), preference goes first to those fully paid, then those who have paid a deposit, then those who have rung/emailed to confirm, and lastly to those who turn up on the day.

How much are the classes?

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What happens after the eight weeks?

Students can go on to a series of Next Steps classes - or may repeat the Introductory class if they wish.

Do You Have Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers are available.

Tempted? Register your belly dance interest now!

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