Student Feedback

Raewyn ( Guest student from Nelson with almost 20 year experience)

"I had a great time in your classes Kashmir. I like the way you teach and how your lesson plans were structured. I was wondering how you catered for all levels when running a drop in class."

Haley (2009).

Haley (Student with Kashmir from 2008)

"Loving it. Have lots of fun. Learning lots about the dance and culture, and the added bonus of toning up."

Sheryl (2009).

Sheryl (Student with Kashmir from 2008)

"Belly dancing is the most vertical fun Iíve had in years. Great workout with an incredibly patient and supportive teacher."

Charlotte (2009).

Charlotte (Student with Kashmir from 2007)

"I choose belly dancing because I like the movement and the music - and not to forget the costumes for beledi - with beledi you can grow Old ! Even when you're not that supple anymore , there will be always a dance for you!"

Renee (2008).

Renee (Student with Kashmir from 2002)

"A chance to express yourself through dance, to feel graceful and elegant in a non threatening friendly atmosphere. I have met some really lovely people and have made new friends . Kashmir is patient (god is she patient!) and encouraging , yet she somehow manages to make me push myself and move out of my comfort zone. I have found that belly dance classes are a good stress relief, and when I practice, a good physical workout too. Kashmir has a wonderful knowledge of Middle Eastern Dance and is more than happy to share her knowledge with her students."

Hens' Night Feedback

"A group belly dancing lesson with Kashmir was a wonderful addition to the hen party. Her spirited character and lively approach was so entertaining and fun - a great way to kick off the afternoon."
Alisa, Bridesmaid/Hen Party organiser

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