Refund Policy

Party Refunds

Party bookings require a minimum of $50 deposit to confirm booking. Be aware that from November to March many people book over a month in advance. Should you decide to cancel the booking with sufficient notice all but $20 will be refunded.

"Sufficient notice" means at least 48 hours and assumes early enough that no other gigs have been turned down to hold your booking. Should another booking have been turned down, the whole $50 is forfeit.

Should Kashmir be unable to perform, another dancer will be arranged at the same price originally agreed. If this is not possible, Kashmir will return double your deposit.

The Time Booked

A booking is for a particular day, time and suburb. With 24 hours notice the time may be able to be changed - but at peak times this may not be possible due to other parties booked before and/or after yours. For this reason a late start due to the party running late may not be able to run the full hour. For instance, if you book from 7-8pm but when the dancer arrives she cannot dance until 7:30pm she will usually dance to 8pm - not 8:30pm.

Class Refunds

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