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Belly Delight

This course is only run on request from a group.

This class brings all the fun and challenge of Belly Dance to those who prefer a shorter class more focussed on movement rather than getting the belly dance technique exactly correct.

What is Belly Delight?

Belly Delight is a light version of Kashmir's beginner belly dance classes. So it is great for people who just want to get a taste of belly dance or are unable to attend a full 8-week course.

However, as it does not cover some important belly dance material, you cannot normally go from Belly Delight to NextSteps.

How do I join Belly Delight?

You can join Belly Delight by just turning up on the day. (Please email or phone to register interest and get directions.)

Signup for details on time and place

Why small classes?

Small classes mean plenty of one on one attention and more flexibility in the pace of learning.

They mean students can get to know each other in classes of over 20 some people feel quite isolated.

On the down side if the class numbers fall below four it is really not economic to take the classes. For this reason it helps if classes are paid in advance. If there are four paid students I will run the classes.

A special class can sometimes be arranged for a group with similiar interests or problems.

How do I sign up for a course?

If you already have a group of 4-8 people contact Kashmir to find a time that suits you all. Otherwise register your interest for a class. Once there are enough people interested for a course at a particular day & time you will be contacted.

How much are the classes?

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Do You Have Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers are available.

Tempted? Register your belly dance interest now!

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