Kashmir's bit for"Doin' it for Diabetes"

The Idea

Active Canterbury is promoting two weeks of exercise in and around Christchurch that will help people get more exercise and, at the same time, raise money for Young Adults with Diabetes (YADA).

This initiative works by exercise providers offering free or low priced introductory sessions and the participants donating to YADA. As an extra incentive, both those who bring along someone new and the new attendee go into a draw for a $300 prize from Active Canterbury!

Kashmir has offered to be a part of this and is offering a range of different classes.

Kashmir's DIFD Classes

Classes are now on - Dyers Rd and South Brighton bridge are open.
The official DIFD will be happening in May - however feel welcome to come to the sessions below and you will still be put in the draw.

Beginner Belly Dance
Tuesday, 15 March, 6-7:15pm Cost: A minimum $2 donation to YADA
This is week 5 of a 8-week beginner course, but feel free to come to a session and see what they have been learning and try it out. (Added bonus - this class starts with belly dance videos)
Exercise Dancing using Belly Dance
Thursday, 10 and 17 March, 7:30-8:30pm Cost: A minimum $2 donation to YADA
For DIFD, the first hour of what is normally a NextSteps class for those with 3-9 months experience, has been taken over by Exercise Dancing with an emphasis on travelling steps and simple combinations which is aimed at anyone regardless of belly dance experience. From 8:30pm the class will continue with their choreography and guests are welcome to stay and try it out.
Khaleegi - a woman's social dance from the Gulf
Saturday, 12 March, 2-3:30pm Cost: $10 - $5 of which will go to YADA
This is the first of a number of Saturday sessions that will build into a simple choreography for Kashmir's student show. However, the first session is aimed at introducing the style and is open to anyone who would like to try it. Movements are extremely simple and require no previous dance experience.
(Kashmir teaches a number of Middle Eastern folk styles in addition to belly dance.)

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