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The New Zealand Belly Dance Mob aims to raise $10 000 for Women's Refuge from now until March 2018 through NZ belly dance teachers and groups.

My mob is called The Salt Shakers. (Find other mobs in NZ at

There are a number of ways to get involved:

Here's the details:


There are three ways to make a donation. You can give me the money by cash, cheque, or bank deposit (38 9003 0698548 00) - but not by credit card. Put the money directly into the project account - 38-9019-0064670-00 (NZ Belly Dance Mob at Kiwi Bank) Donate via EveryDayHero (a bit like GiveALittle) for charities (

Classes and Workshops

I will be putting on a series of short, simple belly dance workshops which will be accessible to anyone.

No prior experience is needed. No minimum numbers - nor pre-enrolment required. (But I am limiting them at my studio to no more than 12 people at a time)

I will teach some simple belly dance moves plus part or all (depending on the group) of the choreography over the hour.

You are welcome to attend as many or as few workshops as you want but there is a minimum of $10 per workshop (no maximum). FYI a standard hour in Christchurch for a belly dance class is $15 (there is discount for multiple classes).

Participation in the Flash Mob (late February/early March) is optional and voluntary.

I am offering workshops at my studio in South Brighton (8 Drake Street) on Saturdays and Wednesdays - as below. The January Saturday workshops are by arrangement. (
if you would like a session and if so time and date) Times are: I am also available to take a workshop at your venue for you and your friends.

Your Event

From November the Belly Raqs group will be available to turn up at your event - and optionally let your guests have a go with us after we perform.


Late February/earlu March (TBA) belly dancers all over New Zealand will appear to perform. You can help by: Money collected on the day: Participants will get an electronic certificate for taking part - and any sponsorship money will go towards their personal total raised.


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