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Belly Dance Coupon
(published 19 January 2015)

The coupon in the Nor’West News, Pegasus Post, Southern View or Western News entitles you to one free belly dance class or (South Brighton and City only) a $15 discount from a course or term.

Conditions of use:

Beginner Belly Dance Classes

Belly Dance Basics

This is an introduction to belly dance broken down by movement families so that it is more suitable for drop-in students. Students will be given more difficult technique or additional layers once they master the initial movements so that a range of abilities can easily share the class. These classes are very light on the cultural background that informs belly dance but snippets will be included as appropriate.

Here is more information on Belly Dance Basics classes.

Before the Belly Dance class there is a 55-minute Exercise Dancing class. You may use your coupon for a $15 discount off a single double class ie do both for $5.

Belly Dance Exercise

This is not a Belly Dance class as such, but rather uses belly dance as a way to make exercise more fun.

This course is run by Risingholme so the coupon cannot be used for discount but may be used for a single class. Please check the course is going ahead as minimum (paid) enrolments are required.

Here is more information on Belly Dance for Exercise course.

Introduction to Belly Dance

This eight-week (10-hour) course introduces the art of belly dance. Please check the course is going ahead as minimum (paid) enrolments are required.

Whether you are interested for your self-image or fitness, whether you plan to dance for yourself, your friends, or are considering something more exacting, this introductory course is a good beginning.

Here is more information about the Introduction to Belly Dance course.

You can use your coupon to try the first class. If you like it, you can continue the course paying $85 the next week or $15 per class. Or you can use the coupon to get $15 off the normal price - that is:

Beyond Raw Beginner


These classes require students to have completed at least 10 hour of Belly Dance tuition. SummerSteps is held in conjunction with Belly Dance Basics and concentrates on technique. The February class will be doing drills, revision and learning a new choreography.

Note: NextSteps3 is not open to drop-in students.

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