Dancing Dreams - Kashmir's Coffeehouse Revisited - Photos

The point of a coffeehouse isn't the coffee but sitting, relaxing with friends and watching the world go by. On 2 May the world didn't so much go by as dance by, as Kashmir and her students transported the audience to another time and place as the Harbour Light becomes a portal into the fantasy world of belly dance.

There was the elegance of Orientale with filmy veils; the precision of controlling every twitch to a tabla solo; a Ghawazee Gypsy piece and some light hearted shaabi; there was shimmies and spins; silk and chiffon; sequins, beads and velvet.

And special guest performers - some showing the beauty that the dance can embody - and another to explore the less savoury fantasies belly dance can inspire - all in the best possible taste.

Dress rehearsal .
Dress Rehearsal (at the studio)

photo: Kashmir
Khaleegi .
- Kashmir, Sahar, Tawila
photo: Shane/Kashmir
Khaleegi .
- finale
photo: Shane/Kashmir

Azure's Photos

Here is a selection of Azure's photos. She has more photos on her Flickr site.
Halima .
Kashmir .
Sahar .
Kismet .
Kenny .
Yurie .
Miss Duffy St Cyr.
Miss St Cyr

Photos from the 2008 show

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