Basic Sa`iidi Cane

arabic (raqs `assaya) or cane dance is a popular folk form in Egypt. It involves dancing while manipulating a cane. It comes from as sa`iid - the highlands of Egypt.

"Ya Bouy" introduces the concepts of the dance without requiring excessive skill with the cane. The hardest thing is four forward twirls!

This class intends to both give a taste of folkloric cane while extending your ability to "just walk" - in a variety of patterns and tempos.

Suitable for people with basic skills (eg hip and shoulder shimmies) or those more advanced who would like to try a Mo-style choreography.

The Nubian class is priced at $70 for the full course (due on first day) or may be taken as part of the NextSteps classes.
Drop in at $15/class available if room.

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Preference will be given to those who have paid. Payment will be required on or before the first class.
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Dr Mo was born in Cairo to an educated Sa`iidi family who enjoyed music, dance, and the arts. He studied ballet as a young boy and at 11 was fond of sneaking backstage to meet singers and dancers. As a young man he studied pharmacy while continuing his interest in diving where he meet Mahmoud Reda and was an inaugural member of the Reda Group. He has appeared in numerous films and on TV.

Mo left Egypt in 1964 and within a few years he was dancing/choreographing in Beirut while doing his MD. From there, he moved to Berlin to do his PhD and form the Hathor Dance Troupe. Since 1999 he has been full time teaching and choreographing.

He has made four trips to Brisbane, Australia to teach the week long Winter Warmup.

Classes are held in South Brighton, Christchurch, NZ

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