Often students ask for a book that traces the history of the dance. The sad reality is there isn't one. There are a couple of good books which address parts of the story, but on the whole it is a bit here and a bit there.

In this section I have gathered as some credible sources together to answer "Who?", "When", and "What". This is very much a work in progress.

"Who?" are the people who have influenced MED? Dancers, Teachers, Choreographers, Researchers, Musicians
"When" did this or that happen?
"What" is the real story?

In most cases I have identified my sources. These are not necessarily primary sources but it gives you some way of judging the value of the information.

For those at my recent Attar 2010 presentations on "The Belly Dance Matrix" and "Belly Dance the Last 100 Years" you may find these YouTube and internet links useful.

In 2014 I will be presenting two lectures as part of the MEDANZ Festival

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