Selected Moves

I have steered clear of describing moves for some years as the written word is not a good way to learn to dance. Even videos have serious drawbacks unless the instruction is top class and you have very good body awareness. You really need a (good) teacher. But people keep asking so I'll add a little into the mix.

This section is not definitive. It is an indication of moves I use and teach. Different people will do a move in a different style. The same people may use different styles of a move for different effects. Students at different stages in their development may be taught the "same" move different ways to allow them to make some progress while developing the flexibility and control needed for more difficult execution.

The same move may have several different names - for instance my "Champagne Shimmy" is also known as the "Ngawa Shimmy". The first name tries to be evocation of the movement (champagne bubbles rising in a glass), the latter the dancer who is best known for using it.

More confusing, the same label can be applied to quite different moves. Over the years I have learn some very different combinations called "the basic step". The term "hip circle" covers a wide range of moves.

The one constant is that a move should always be executed safely. Where I know of potential problems I will note them.

This section is in its infancy and will be expanded as time allows.

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