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Andrea Deagon Andrea Deagon, Associate Professor of Classical Studies UNC-Wilmington, has range of material including some great research on mythology and how it connects to the dance.
Belly Dance Forums Belly Dance Forums what might be the last remaining belly dance bulletin board (hosted by Salome)
Belly Dance Museum Belly Dance Museum displays and sells Oriental dance pictures, bellydancers and music Postcards, posters and prints of legendary bellydancers
Best of Habibi Habibi magazine articles - from when Shareen el Safy was editor.
Exploring the Heart of Belly Dance Belly Raqs with Kashmir's YouTube channel - mini-lectures on a range of topics.
The Gilded Serpent The Gilded Serpent is an ezine with some amazing jewels
Jas' Middle Eastern Rhythms This site lists many well known rhythms - each with a few variations. It also has .wav and midi files for each rhythm - so you can listen to how it should sound. This version uses Dum Tek notation but there is also a version of the site using conventional musical notation (click on English Graphical to switch).
Journey Through Egypt Sahra C Kent, a dancer, teacher and dance ethnologist has publish 20 years of study along with photos and video.
Keti Sharif Keti Sharif, from Perth, is based in Egypt. Her site includes an interesting collection of articles and short informative courses.
MEDANZ The Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand
includes articles, links, and photo gallery
MED Resource Guide The Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide has been static for quite a while but includes a wealth of information.
Morocco Morocco (Aunty Rocky) is a dance ethnologist with a wide personal experience of dance "over there" especially Egypt and the Mahgrib (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria)
New Zealand Belly Dance Teachers The Attar Collective's register of NZ belly dance teachers and study groups
Shira Shira's site is the top belly dance site with links to every thing from history, to costumes, to culture, to song lyrics
Zahira Zahira and the Drum Frenzy has a collection of costuming tips that are worth a look


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- with a New Zealand/Australian bias
These are vendors who may be useful. Only those marked * are ones I have had personal (positive) dealings with. In buying mail order - caveat emptor.

* Aleemahs Applique and Trim Aleemahs Applique and Trim is a e-mail order supplier of sequin, bead and rhinestone appliqués and trims, and Swarovski crystals based in Queensland.
* Amera's Palace Amera's Palace in Newtown, Sydney has a wonderful range of costumes, accessories, music and videos. Their mail order is very fast and reliable
* Azziza's Belly Dance Supplies Azziza is based in Brisbane. As well as organizing the yearly Winter Warmup she sells a wide range of goods by mail order
* Firework Professionals FPL based in Christchurch but operate all over NZ & the South Pacific, can provide that touch of magic to your show. Anything from stage pyro to confetti drops
* Kashmir I carry copies of Elenie's video for NZ dancers. Dancers outside NZ should try either Elenie herself or Amera's Palace.
* Pe-ko Pe-ko have a great range of ME music and dance videos
The Turkish Emporium The Turkish Emporium is based in Istanbul, Turkey, and offers Middle Eastern dance wear, accessories and musical instruments for wholesale and retail.

Other Interesting Links

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Lara on Men Dancing Some history and many photos of Men Belly Dancing from the Gilded Serpent.
Photo essay: Dance performance in Tehran A brave production of "theatrical movement" where "dancing" is not acceptable.

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