Making Pantaloons

Pantaloons or harem parts are a useful part of a dancer's costume. They can be worn under a skirt or tunic or in some cases just with a belt.

The following is a modern version that is easy to make and fits with a Western aesthetic (traditional pantaloons have much more fabric around the waist and hips). The simplest pattern calls for 2m of fabric with a crotch & inner leg seam and elastic at the hip and ankles. Variations include using 3m for a fuller folky look, adding cuffs, or moving the seams to the outer leg and only partially sewing them. There is also a variation with a third meter of fabric is inset between the legs giving a very loose, low crotch.

The look of even the basic pattern will vary with the fabric used. For instance, 2m of chiffon give pantaloons you definitely would need to cover by a skirt! and 2m of organza may give a fuller look than expected.

To make the basic pantaloons:

Fold your fabric in half lengthways and then half again. Make as shown right.

The length of A needs to be more than a quarter of your hip measurement.
The length of B defines half the crotch measurement.
The length of C defines the leg length - this should be a little longer than hip to ankle to give fullness.
Twice the length of D is what you will put your foot and ankle through.

Always allow for seams and casings.

Cutting out
Sewing the crotch seams Sew the two legs at the crotch seam.

Sew the inner leg seam.

Add casing for elastic at the hips & ankles.

Sewing the leg seams

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