Dancing - Egypt 2009

The first Egyptian dancing I saw was out my balcony when there was a wedding at the hotel. The sound of the zeffa caught my ear and as the night progressed I heard lots of songs I knew and loved - Shik Shak Shok, Baida baida, El Hantour

But we also went to a number of professional dance shows - both raqs sharqi and folkloric.

Belly Dance Shows

First was Asmahan - on the Nile Maxim. Asmahan arrived in a giant flower with her dancing boys. She was an energetic dancer, spelled by a tanoura dancer mid-show.

At Lebanese Restaurant at City Stars we saw Soraya. A good dancer but not to my taste. She started really well - but her whole show had a sameness to it. There was not much difference in energy or tone - all very pouty little girl.

Camelia on the Grand Hyatt Boat "The Marquis" was my favourite. Camelia was not only good - she entertained and provide a range of different energies.

In the end I piked on both Dina and Lucy as I was not very well and could not handle a 2am and 4am start respectively.

Asmahan (click to enlarge)
Asmahan's tanoura dancer.
Asmahan's tanoura dancer

Folkloric Dance Shows

The Al Tannoura show was incredible. The musicians above the dancers with some dancers also drumming on the floor and up to three fully twirling dancers. The show must have gone for at least an hour without a break.
Tanoura musicians.
Tanoura setting (click to enlarge)
Tanoura spins.
The Tanoura starts to spin
Three spinning tanouras.
Three spinning tanouras

The Hassan Folkloric Show was at the Felafel restaurant at the Ramsis Hilton. Disappointing for them there was only about 20 people for the show - which wasn't so much dance as comedy with dance - but well worth going to. Was great to see Amera playing up to Hassan in full performance mode!

A mix of folkloric styles.
A mix of folkloric styles (click to enlarge)
Stick and shamadan.
Stick and shamadan
Supporting the stick.
Supporting the stick
Hassan and Amera.
Hassan and Amera

At the Makan Cultural Centre - we caught the first half of this zar performance. With tired children, still upset bellies and insufficient seating for us (we arrived late) we called it a night at interval.

Hassan and Amera.
Hassan's raqs sharqi soloist
The Zaar Singer.
The Zaar Singer (click to enlarge)
Another Zaar Singer.
Another Zaar Singer

Just Us

Felucca party.
Felucca party with Ahmed
On the second to last night, we hired a felucca at sunset and with Ahmed on oud and singing and another on tabla we partied the night away.


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