Egyptian Tour 2003

From 6-22 January 25 people from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa were part of Ali's Egyptian Tour 2003 (the group was also known as "Bes" after the dwarf god of fun - he was short and had a very round belly). Most were dancers and teachers but the number included some partners and one son. In addition, there were our leaders - Ali and Magdy, the egyptologists - Rania And Mohamed, Gilal - and short visits by Atef, Basem, and others. (For photos of people in the group - click here)

If you want to know what we did and what we saw - poke around.

This part of the site is under expansion as resources come available.
Thanks also to Maria for offering her photos for the moments I missed.
Last updated: 15/3/03.

Group at Samalek Palace, Alexandria