Alexandria (Iskendariyya)

Much of Alexandria's history has gone. It is either 6m underground or under the sea. But here are some of the sights we saw.

Modern Alex - click to enlarge just like the Gold Coast - click to enlarge fishing - click to enlarge
View from our hotel at Montazah, Alex The mediterranean - lined with high rises that reminded some on the tour of the Gold Coast Alexandria is famous for its seafood. Here locals get their own.
Fort Qaitbey - click to enlarge Fort Qaitbey (back view) - click to enlarge erosion - click to enlarge
Front view of Fort Qaitbey (on site of Pharos lighthouse). Built in 1480 Back view of Fort Qaitbey - being rebuilt Close up of erosion of sandstone by the sea. Just how much of the 1480 structure is left?
Pompey's pillar - click to enlarge Pompey's pillar - click to enlarge street - click to enlarge street - click to enlarge
One of the sphinxes at the Serapeum. These were originally from Heliopolis.
Note the contrast in the housing in the background.
"Pompey's pillar" in the Serapeum. This 30m pink granite column was actually erected for Diocletian in 293CE. However, apparently, it is the only ancient monument thatis whole and standing in Alex. Not all the housing is modern and upmarket.
Catacombs - click to enlarge library - click to enlarge library - click to enlarge
Catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa. Roman burial site from 2nd century CE can hold 300 corpses. Discovered in 1900 when a donkey fell into a hole in the ground. Inside the Bibliotheca Alexandria. This was inspired by the original Great Library. Finished in 2002 it is designed to hold 8 million books.
There are also three small museums in the building including one with old manuscripts.
Back view of Bibliotheca Alexandria. This is covered with symbols from every known alphabet.
aida - click to enlarge at Samalek Palace - click to enlarge Belle Vista - click to enlarge
Maria, Aida Nour, and Elenie modelling their costumes from Aida who met us in her home town of Alexandria. The group at the Samalek Palace in the Montazah Palace Gardens. "Belle Vista" where we got to taste the local sea food.

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