Costumes - Egypt 2009

While in Khan el Khalili we checked out Mahmoud Abd El Gahaffar and Yasser.

The group also looked at costumes by Aziz, Eman Zaki, Hanan, Hallah and Aida Nour. I gave the last two a miss as I was all costumed out - and I had already found two costumes I liked.

From Eman Zaki I did a mix and match based on Sarah's beaded body stocking idea. We had arrived quite late in the tour for costumes from scratch (and mine was totally from scratch) - however in less than a week they had completed my costume (it was delivered 3:30am before we flew out!)

At Hanan's I found a beautiful dress which needed only a small amount of work before I could walk out with it.

Here's a taster (and yes if you click them you can get a larger image).

Aziz's costumes.
Jo models one of
Aziz's costumes
Hanan's costumes.
Leona & Jess lusting after
Hanan's costumes
Hanan's blue dress.
My blue dress
by Hanan
Eman Zaki's bedleh.
Eman Zaki's

And if you want to see what the locals were wearing - check out the Dancing page

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