Interest in
BellyBop and Intro to BellyRaqs
for The Body 2007

As part of The Body 2007, Kashmir is offering:
Two 30-minute back to back belly dance workshops:

BellyBop with an emphasis on moving (following Kashmir)
Intro to BellyRaqs will teach some basic technique.

This is aimed at beginners and those curious about the dance.
Children who are able to concentrate on a class for 60 minutes are welcome.
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult care giver.

Choice of two sessions:

Thursday, 20 Sep 2-3pm and Saturday, 29 Sep 2-3pm


$5 per person for one hour.

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(Preference will be given to paid enrolments)

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I am interested in:   Thursday, 20 Sep 2-3pm
  Saturday, 29 Sep 2-3pm
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I have sent a cheque to PO Box 18902, New Brighton for $
I have made a direct tranfer to Kashmir at KiwiBank 38 9003 0698548 00 of $

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