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The internet is fast but not always accurate. At least with books there is a chance that someone checked some of the facts. However, there are still pitfalls. Shira made some very good points on what makes a source credible in the Bhuz thread 5238 on 1/9/04 - reprinted here. A key point is a credible source identifies where the information came from and clearly identifies thought processes. Referencing in itself is no foolproof as dubious sources (such as "Serpent of the Nile") can be used. Please engage brain.

Here are some resources that I have found of use. (In her posting Shira also identifies those she finds credible and doubtful - there is some overlap).

Books on Belly Dance History

Books on Belly Dance Background

Books on Orientalism

Books on General Middle Eastern History and Culture

Books on Safe Dance Practice

In addition there is also:



Videos and DVDs

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