Big Hip Circle
aka Flat Hip Circle, aka Donut

First step. Hip Slide. Standing with feet hip width apart, knees soft, pelvis in neutral, rib cage lifted, shoulders back, down, and relaxed. (All movements extend as far as possible)

1: Press the hip through the body to the side. There should be no twisting, both hip bones face forward, no movement forward to back. Weight transfers to leg. Torso moves as little as possible (head shouldn't move at all). Once you can get the movement on both sides adjust as you slide so a hip scarf tied across the bones your can feel in the front of your pelvis stays parallel to the floor. This will mean as you slide across stretching down.

2: Push forward with the buttocks until your pelvis is forward (but still in neutral) - trunk stays upright. Weight shifts slightly to front of feet. Need flexibility in hip flexors for this.

3: Use lower abs to push pelvis back through body. Very important to keep pelvis neutral (most common mistake is extending lower back). Weight shifts back (I often bring my arms forward for balance).

Next step. Diamond. Instead of sliding side/side and back/forward, go side, front, side, back. Ensure pelvis maintains alignment at all times, no twisting. Each position should be exact.

Finally, Circle. Use the positions you have worked on and make smooooth. Don't forget the adjustment for absolute horizontality. Never extend the back.

Once mastered you can add shimmy, torso drops, bounces or can use it to move in space.

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