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Music Sites & Articles

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Arabic instruments Short non-technical article with pictures of instruments
Iraqi Maqam Maqam (pl maqamat) are the way Arabic musical tones are organized. This site focuses specifically on Iraqi maqam
Jas' Middle Eastern Rhythms This site lists many well known rhythms - each with a few variations. It also has .wav and midi files for each rhythm - so you can listen to how it should sound. This version uses Dum Tek notation but there is also a version of the site using conventional musical notation (click on English Graphical to switch).
Umm Kolthoum Umm Kolthoum introduced a new approach to singing in Egypt. She is held in high regard both for her beautiful voice and her patriotism. This site backgrounds her life and includes Real clips of her singing.

General Cultural Sites & Articles

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Al-Wafaa News an independent quarterly newsletter that focuses on literature, poetry, music, art and humor.
A look at 1930s Satire Badi‘a Masabni, Artiste and Modernist : The Egyptian Print Media’s Carnival of National Identity
An academic paper by Roberta L. Dougherty looking at the Al-Ithnayn magazine's (1934) “Majlis al-ta’dib” (Disciplinary Board) feature. This satire had members of the Egyptian high-culture sitting as judges in court. Some background material on Badi‘a Masabni is included and a short discussion on baladi culture.
An hour for God and an hour for the Heart Karin van Nieuwkerk returns to Cairo seven years after her research on female singers and dancers in Egypt was completed (printed as A Trade Like Any Other). In this article she looks at Islam, gender and female entertainment in Egypt.
Egyptian Film The Golden Age before the Golden Age : Commercial Egyptian Cinema Before the 1960s
An academic paper by Walter Armbrust which uses the movie The Flirtation of Girls to look at the early Egyptian film industry and includes a short discussion on literary Arabic versus colloquial Arabic
Golden Age Dancers Click on "Articles" for information and photos of the Golden Age Dancers - Naima Akef, Taheyya Karioka, Samya Gamal, Hager Hamdy, plus Nagwa Fouad along with Badeia Masabny (Queen of the Nightclubs) and Farid Al Atrash (the great musician)
Online Middle Eastern Studies Resource Including Business & Economy, Arts & Humanities, Countries & Regions and Society & Culture
The Arab World Including history, culture, language, recipes

Arabic Language

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A Story Written with Arabic Idioms This brief story literally translated from the Lebanese is a wonderful way of realizing why it is difficult to translate Arabic songs into English. (And yes, there is also the equivalent English text)
Babel Arabic An online course. Basic phrases via RealPlayer, rules of transliteration, an introduction to written Arabic.
Dictionaries and Glossaries A selection of links to dictionaries & Glossaries.
Review of Arabic Explorer Arabic Explorer is part of the Rosetta Stone language library.


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