Common Arabic Words and Dance Terms

There are a number of common Arabic words and phrases you will come across after a while. Here is a selection.

You will find a number of different "spellings" for many words. This is because the English script is a transliteration of the Arabic. On the whole say it how it is written. For more information I have included a page on pronunciation.

Where possible, I have included the Arabic script for the word. Arabic script is written right to left. Letter shapes vary according to where they are in the word and the font or handwriting style adopted. (When in doubt count the dots). Some Arabic calligraphy is indeed an art form in itself.

General Arabic afwan-bint habibi-miSr naam-zeffa  
Dance & Music awâlim-debke maghrib-milâya-laff raqs-Saiidi tahtib-zills

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