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Talking Costumes
selecting a bra

Questions for Kashmir

I've heard of the dance of the seven veils - I assume it was strip related - does strip come into belly dance at all?
How come people don't seem to wear those face things when they dance?

Further Information

Veil Information
Biblical references to "Salome"'s Dance
Matthew 14:6-11 & Mark 6:21-28
History of the Dance of the Seven Veils
The Veil And Oriental Dance by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat. An extract reprinted on Shira's site.
Making a Semi-circular Veil
Fold a length of suitable fabric in half.
Draw an arc with a radius equal to the width of the fabric.
Cut and hem.

Elenie with butterfly veil
layout and cutting - click to enlarge
The Great American Belly Dance Veil Routine
The Gilded Serpent presents an article with a US focus.
The Test of the Seven Veils
A Quiz to test your knowledge.
online article with a belly dance focus Orientalism
Books and magazines
Benamin, Roger, Orientalism - Delacroix to Klee, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, 1997
  Orientalist Art - prints & notes on the exhibition shown in Sydney & Auckland
Deagon, Andrea, (2002) 'The Image of the Eastern Dancer: Flaubert's Salome', Habibi, vol.19, no 1 pp10-16
Gray, Victoria, (2002) 'Envisioning the East: Russain Orientalism and the Ballet Russe', Habibi, vol.19, no 1 pp44-47
Said, Edward, Orientalism - Western Conceptions of the Orient, Penguin, 1995 (1978)
  "highly acclaimed overview ... one of the canonical texts of cultural studies"
Costume Related
Bras mentioned by Brigid Burleigh Jacquard Strapless and Fine Lines.
Only the Fine Lines bra is still availble in Christchurch.


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