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Questions for Kashmir

Where does belly dance come from?
How many countries is belly dancing done in?
Do I have to know the names of all the rhythms?

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Shira's directory lists teachers in the following countries:

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Shira's directory
Rhythm Information
Rhythm cds
(it appears that "Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms" is now a part of "Rhythms of the Nile")
see music list
Here are three variations, the first with a double Dum, the second with more fill, and the third a triple dom version.

For drums the dum is in the centre and the tek on the edge.
For tambourines the dum is on the edge and tek in the centre.


D Dum (right hand clear low tone)
T Tek (right hand high crisp tone)
K Ka (left hand, sounds like Tek)
- space after note (sustain)
_ space during a rest

Used in classical Egypian music. Usually seen as a three, a four, and a three. For example,
Common rhythms each with a few variations. It also has .wav and midi files for each rhythm - so you can listen to how it should sound. This version uses Dum Tek notation but there is also a version of the site using conventional musical notation Jas' Middle Eastern Rhythms
Kashmir's thumbnail overview of
Arabic music & more Arabic music related links
Folk Information
Aisha Ali - dance ethnologist Egypt & North Africa www.aisha-ali.com
Morocco - dance ethnologist Egypt & North Africa www.casbahdance.org
Robyn Friend - scholar of Near Eastern and Balkan linguistics, folklore, and ethnology home.earthlink.net/~rcfriend/
Tunisian Costume
Note woollen belt
Tunisian costume
Authentic Period and Modern Ethnic costuming - a SCA links site authentic ME costume links
Hip Belt construction
This section can now be found in
"How To... Make a Hip Belt" .
Other belts
For other ideas including wrap around belts and student belts.
more belts
sewing technique where a thick thread is laid down and stitched down at intervals with a thin thread at right angles. In beading, the holding stitches are placed between the beads.
Couching - click to enlarge
Fitting a Belt - suggestions from the Costume Goddess (Dina Lydia) fitting a belt


First version Masmoudi Arabic Rhythms Volume Wahid Nourhan Sharif
Second version Masmoudi Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms Hossam Ramzy
10/4 Samaai Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms Hossam Ramzy
Tunisian Folk Girls' Dance from Gafsa Music of the Shikat Aisha Ali
Saaidi Arabian Knights Baladi Plus Hossam Ramzy
Intro & Outro Tears of Noura Oriental Belly Dance Bassem & Noura
Questions for Kashmir Kashmir No Quarter Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded
Costume Talk Khatm al Nihaya Laura in Balady Movses Panossian, Hollywood Music Center

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