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Learning to Belly Dance in Christchurch/NZ:

Belly Dance with Kashmir
South Brighton


Desert Veils


Gendi and Zanny

no longer teaching

Considerations in choosing a teacher
by Kashmir


Performers in Christchurch:

Farida www.bellydance.co.nz
Gendi no longer in Christchurch or teaching
Kashmir www.raqs.co.nz/kashmir.html

Costume Related:

Amelia Jenks Bloomer (1818-1894)
bio & photo in "Turkish Trousers"
Amelia Jenks Bloomer
Authentic Period and Modern Ethnic costuming - a SCA links site authentic ME costume links
Belts BellyBeat info
Belt Fitting Costume Goddess on Shira's site
Circle Skirts BellyBeat info
care tips from the MED resource guide
- a summary from MED-dance mailing list (pre 1997)
costuming and care tips
DanceArt Talking Costumes sponsor
Dawn Devine Brown Costume notes, photos, books for sale (see review of Bedlah, Baubles and Beads on the MEDANZ site) www.davina.org
Harem Pants BellyBeat info
On Shira's site
(Shira has a lots of material on costuming. Here are some that align with material on the show.)
Shira's "classic look"
Ask the costume goddess (Dina Lydia)
covering a bra
fitting a belt
Pantaloons BellyBeat info
Rational Dress Reform
and Victorian fashions
Rational Dress Reform
Veil BellyBeat info

Folk Information:

Aisha Ali - dance ethnologist Egypt & North Africa www.aisha-ali.com
Morocco - dance ethnologist Egypt & North Africa www.casbahdance.org
Dr Robyn Friend - scholar of Near Eastern and Balkan linguistics, folklore, and ethnology Iranian (Persian) Dance

General Information:

Shira’s debunking page www.shira.net/debunking.htm
Karin van Nieuwkerk – Islam, gender and female entertainment in Egypt. An hour for God and an hour for the heart
Information on Naima Akef by Hossam Ramzy Stars of Egypt
Orientalism an article with a belly dance focus

Men Dancing:

Tarik’s paper www.casbahdance.org/NOTJUSTFORWOMEN.htm
Shira’s Links www.shira.net/links.htm#Males
Lara's Gilded Serpent article Lara on Men Dancing
Horacio Cifuentes www.oriental-fantasy.com/
Zorba - the Veiled Male www.doubleveil.net

Belly Dance Moves:

Kashmir's Hip Rock info www.raqs.co.nz/moves/hip_rock.html
Kashmir's Shimmy info www.raqs.co.nz/moves/shimmy.html

Belly Dance Music:

Aisha Ali www.aisha-ali.com
Hollywood Music Center (Peko) www.hollywoodmusiccenter.com
Hossam Ramzy HossamRamzy.com
Nourhan Sharif www.egyptianacademy.com/music.html
Wash ya Wash www.egyptianacademy.com/music.html


History The Veil And Oriental Dance by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat.
Quiz tests your veil knowledge
US Belly Dance Veil Routine
The Gilded Serpent presents an article with a US focus.


Beginners Miramar's Finger Cymbals
Practice Patterns Alyne's PRACTICE PATTERNS
MED resource guide
- a summary from MED-dance mailing list (pre 1997)
posts on zills
More resources (books, videos, online info) Yasmina's links
DanceArt Talking Costumes sponsor
Other vendors Kashmir's vendor links

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