Types of Hip Belts

There are a wide variety of possibilities with belts.

For a nightclub/cabaret style performance, normally there are lots of sparkles provided by sequins, paillettes, and glass beads.

To the right is a hand beaded example by Yurie.

Cabaret belt by Yurie

Sometimes existing costuming can be adapted as with the beaded evening shawl below.

For some styles of performance a simple sash on an evening dress will do it.

Belts for cabaret

Students often don't need the elaborate belts of a professional performer. The first belt below has a simple pattern of sequins and seed beads over a satin cover. The fringing is hand knotted from light cord in two lengths. Single beads have been added for accents.
The second belt uses commerical appliques and glass fringing over disco satin.

The bottom two belts are wrap and tie hip scarves. The first decorated with crocheted beadwork, the second with fake coins for a nice jingle. These type of belts are often sold by belly dance suppliers. Casual belts