Physiology & Exercise Debunking Myths Courses

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Physiology & Exercise

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Ab FAQs Lots of info on abs and some references. Watch some of the exercise though.
Current Issues in Flexibility Fitness From the PCPFS Research Digest - requires some prior background. Excellent list of follow-up publications.
Sport Smart Put out by ACC. This includes a good section on warm-ups, stretching, and cool downs which has diagrams of some basic stretches.
Stretching and Flexibility Brad Appleton provides in depth material on the Physiology of Stretching information on flexibility including causes of limitations, normal range of motion for joints and a good reference section.

He also has a chapter on "Working Toward the Splits" which includes a stretching routine tailored specifically to the purpose of achieving the ability to perform both front splits and side splits. It consists of the nine groups of exercises.

The Stretching Handbook Includes info on warm-ups, cool-downs, various injuries etc

Debunking Myths

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Quackwatch A broad look at various health related frauds including chiropractic


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The internet (& books) are a good start. However, some study is also useful. The following links are NZ & Australian based.

AUT AUT (Auckland) offer a Bachelor of Dance and specific aspects of fitness such as flexibilty and anthropometry.
QUT QUT (Brisbane) used to offer a number Dance Teaching Courses by External Study. All of them included Safe Dance Practice as a compulsory unit.

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