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The YouTube links are often not the ones I showed but the ones that are available on line. In many cases better examples are out there. Please explore!


Aisha Ali has DVDs for sale from her field work
Morocco has articles and DVDs for sale from her field work
A short documentary on zar

Reda Clips

Reda fellahi dance from "Summer Vacation"
Reda - "Live in Karnak" Farida Fahnmy and Raqia Hassan are sitting on the hantour.

The Maghreb

Morocco has articles and DVDs for sale from her field work
Aisha Ali has DVDs for sale from her field work.


Berber music video - with women preparing food in traditional costume
Gnawa - Folk ensemble from Marrakesh at Monarchiafest Folklor Festival, Gyor Hungary
Modern Schikatt
Moroccan Berber dance (Siwisn)
Moroccans with drums -
Tunisian band and dancer in Chicago
Tunisian groom's party - with men casually dancing
Tunisian Jug Sta Ali with about 14 jugs

The Arabian Peninsula


Saudi and Khaleegi - from Kuwait National Day (1989)
Saudi Debke
South Saudi Victory Dance

Dance seen in Oman - with bagpipes and floorwork
Omani dance - with rifles

Bar`a Dance from Yemen with guys and big knives
Yemen women's dance
Yemen women's dance
Hadrami Bedouin Dance (Yemen)
Yemeni dance from Ta`iz - possibly Jewish

The Levant


Bedouin Dance Wadi Rum camp. Jordan (quite dark)
Debke - Palestine



Ardahan folk dance
Cappadocian folkdance - (Greek) dancing "Spoon" dance (Kasik Havasi) in 2/4 and a Karsilama in 9/8
male belly dancer in Fethiye -
Turkish Cypric folkdance
Lezginka - modern with man and woman
Lezginka - from a wedding in Derbent Dagistan
Romani - Reyhan and Husnu Tuzsuz, traditional Roma dance and violin instructors
Romani - man on TV show
Romani - as seen on old bw film
Romani - Hidrellez Festival
"Spoon" dance (Kasik Havasi)
Zybek folk dance



Lori Dance Cultural Festival - Kurdish women with scarves
Persian Court dance (Qajar) - from the Persian dance Academy for My Iran
Persian Court dance (Qajar) - by Miriam Peretz

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