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Belly Dance - the Last 100 Years

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The YouTube links are often not the ones I showed but the ones that are available on line. In many cases better examples are out there. Please explore!


Old Egyptian movie clips can be bought from:
Hossam Ramzy (Stars of Egypt)
Sausan Academy

Golden Age Clips

Badia Massabni 1934 from the Gilded Serpent
Naima Akef
Samia Gamal (a later one - in colour!)
Tahia Carioca

Reda Clips

Reda fellahi dance from "Summer Vacation"
Reda - "Live in Karnak" Farida Fahnmy and Raqia Hassan are sitting on the hantour.

Classical Clips

Fifi - Nour el Ayouni - the club scene
Fifi - Nour el Ayouni - the prison scene
Mona Said
Ngawa Fouad
Suheir Zaki

Modern Egyptian & Postmodern Clips

Dandesh 1998
Dandesh and the "Manga" song - where she imitates other dancers
Original song Danesh's "Manga" was based on - with and 8 year old girl
Randa Kamel
Tito (2005)



Nadia Gamal
Nadia Gamal - as a young woman in a film



old bw film
Inci Birol
Ozcen Tekgul
Aysel Tanju - 1964
old style (Romani) belly dance
Inci Adali
Princess Banu

Myths and Legends


Aida - triumphal march
Aida - overview of Dubai performance
Ballet Russe - from Media City Ballet
Ballet Russe - Sheherezade by Media City Ballet
Pharaonic dance - Fatima Serin
Pharaonic dance - Abdel Hazim
Ruth St Denis - part 1 just keep click through to get the rest
Salome's dance from Kurt Russell's film (warning some content may offend)



very old clips including Edison's 1890s
very old clip - unlikely to be "Little Egypt" though

Post 1950 Clips

American Belly Dance Legends Trailer
Eleana Lentini (1981)
Serena Williams (1964)
Suhaila Salimpour
Suhaila Salimpour

New Props - Clips

Michelle Joyce Voi
Wings 1899

Modern Tribal Clips

FCBD 2005



Amera's Palace (Sydney, NSW)
Belyssa (Perth, WA)
Elenie( Gold Coast, QLD)

Australia - Clips

Terezka Drnzik
Terezka Drnzik


Denise Enan and the Enan Troupe (Quebec)
Hadia's site (Vancouver )
Yasmina Ramzy's site - Arabesque Dance Academy (Toronto )

Canada - clips



Oriental Fantasy - Beata and Horacio's site
Dr Mo Geddawi and the Hathor Dance Troupe

Germany - Clips

Beata Cifuentes - from "Talisman"
Beata & Horacio Oriental Fantasy Show "Talisman" (part 5)
Horacio Cifuentes - drum solo from "Egyptian Love Affair"

Iran Clips

Home page of Khordadian - modern Persian dancer (now living in LA)
Example of Khordadian - pop belly dance. In 2002 Khordadian was convicted of dancing, or--as it was called at his trial in Teheran--"promoting corruption among young people" (here's the story)


Yasmina of Cairo

UK Clips

Wendy Buonaventura - "Testament of Salome"
Jaqueline Chapman - basic choreography
Caroline Afifi (2009)

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