Bellydance Goddess of the Stratosphere Award

After a number of posts on the MEDance list on competitions (including ones with names like "Bellydancer of the Universe"!) and spirituality in dance, Natasha was lead to believe that a different type of dance competition was required for Spiritual Bellydancers and Goddess Dancers.

The following is reprinted with permission:

To correct this oversight, I am establishing the First annual Bellydance Goddess of the Stratosphere Award.

Qualifying event:

Dancers are required to manifest a 10-minute trance using music of their choice.

Main Event:

15-Minute freestyle Zaar competition. Dancers are required to manifest an aura of white light to complete visibility of all judges within the allotted time. Extra points given for rainbow effects and cool shapes, while points will be deducted for aura fading, or incomplete auric transmission.

Levitation Final:

Dancers are required to levitate the prop of their choice (sword or basket suggested) for no less than 5 minutes using a Chiftetelli rhythm. Zills are required for this event.

Possession Event:

Using a 6/8 rhythm, Dancers must take on full possession of the Deity of their choice. Points will be deducted for channeling Kali, Hecate, Pele, or any Goddess which endangers the safety of spectators. Extra points will be awarded for accurate predication of the future thus delaying the actual bestowing of this award until 2005.

Note: use of psychoactive enhancers including but not limited to LSD, psylicybin, peyote, ecstasy, THC, etc. is strictly forbidden and will lead to disqualification.


Along with a cash prize that will be donated to Save the Trees, the winner will receive a gallon of fresh wheatgrass juice and weeklong trip for 2 to the sensory deprivation tank of their choice.

For registration information, please contact:

Natasya Katsikaris
Bellydance Goddess of the Stratosphere Award Committee

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