Kashmir's Coffeehouse
Kashmir's Coffeehouse

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19 April 08 8pm (door sales from 7:30pm)

Harbour Light, London Street, Lyttelton

The point of a coffeehouse isn't the coffee but sitting, relaxing with friends and watching the world go by. When the Harbour Light becomes Kashmir's Coffeehouse for the night, you'll see Kashmir and her students dancing by in a range of styles - from raqs sharqi (that's belly dance for most of you) to folkloric dances from Egypt, Nubia and the Gulf. Some of the dancers have many years experience, but some have only a few months and this will be their first performance in public.

This is a family friendly event that might change what you think "belly dance" is. Yes, there will be flowing veils and some bare bellies. But there will also be some light hearted dance with canes (traditional in Upper Egypt), dancers in the full flowing thobes of the Gulf, and some serious shimmying. There will be dancers of all ages and all shapes and sizes. With one thing in common - they all love this dance.


Dancers with veil.
Kwiz, Kesi, Tawila
photo: Ollie
Tickets will be available on the door from 7:30pm - $10

Bookings can be made via the Harbour Light by ordering food: www.harbourlight.co.nz.
Food is to be paid for at the bar and then you will be shown your table.

Non-booked tickets seated as they arrive in non reserved tables - or on stools.

The Harbour Light has a fully licensed bar with a full range of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages. Light meals and snack platters also available. No BYO.

Program Details

Three dancers.
Kadija, Kashmir, Sahar
photo: Bronnie; composite: Kashmir
Performances by Kashmir's students will include:

Photos from the Show

Watching Tawila and Kesi.
Watching Tawila and Kesi.
photo: Stacey
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