Raqs - the Heart of Belly Dance®
Raqs (Arabic for dance) as raqs sharqi or raqs beledi
is the underpinning of modern belly dance

Are you interested in a challenge that improves fitness and self-image and lets you explore a new culture? Ever wanted to try belly dance? Why not now?

Join Kashmir as she shares the secrets of real belly dance movement (it's in the hips and abs); introduces the sounds and rhythms of the Middle East; dispels myths; and provides an opportunity for laughter and achievement.

Tahiya Karioka - Golden Age Belly Dancer.

Belly Dance - information for the aficionado - for example:

  • History - for the dance, famous dancers and background events
  • How Tos - from making a skirt to finding a teacher
  • Selected Moves - just the basics

Learn to Belly Dance
8 wk Beginner courses
(South Brighton studio)
6pm Wednesdays Feb 2024
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Belly Raqs on YouTube
A range of short videos on Exploring the Heart of Belly Dance - facts, terminology, sources, myth busting.
A new video every Sunday.
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Raqs or Raks?
You will see both on Belly Dance websites
Which is better?
Now on YouTube

Lounge Talk
3 minutes on "what is belly dance"
Hens Night with Belly Dance.

BellyRaqs - services for the general public - for example:

Belly Dancer Kashmir (2008).

Kashmir - creator of this site


Middle Eastern Background - for example:

Flat Back.

Safe Dance Practice - for example:


... and lots more

Yalla, explore the world of raqs

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